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7/8 MC

October 20 - 24

MONDAY OCT 20                     Geography test signed

                                                   Comic PEE paragraph due

TUESDAY OCT 21                    Phys. Ed

                                                  Unit 1 Math test signed

                                                  GOAL AND PLAN FOR OCTOBER DUE

WEDNESDAY OCT 22              Phys. Ed

                                                   Geography presentations

THURSDAY OCT 23                  Geography presentations

                                                       FRENCH TEST!

FRIDAY OCT 24                        Phys. Ed  

                                                   Geography presentations              

October 13 - 17

MONDAY OCT. 13                                   HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

TUESDAY OCT. 14 (day 4 )                     PHYS. ED.

WEDNESDAY OCT. 15 (day 5)                PHYS. ED

                                                                  PHOTO DAY!   SMILEsmiley

                                                                  MAKE UP MATH TEST

THURSDAY OCT. 16 (day 1)                   ASG SOCCER

FRIDAY OCT. 17 (day 2)                          FITNESS/SOCCER WRITTEN TEST

                                                                  READING RESPONSE IS DUE

September 29th - October 3rd

We made it through the first month!  Hurrah!  7/8MC has had a great start and will continue to practice our teambuilding skills at the Frink Centre on September 30th!

MONDAY SEPT. 29 (4)            Phys. Ed

TUESDAY SEPT 30 (5)            Trip the the Frink Centre.  Dress appropiately!


THURSDAY OCT 2 (2)              Reading Response due

                                                   Phys. Ed


October 6 - 10

Welcome to the second week of October!  The temperature has definitely changed this weekend and it appears that autumn is definitely here!  Be sure to ask your son/daughter about our trip to the Frink Centre last week if you haven't already done so.  What an amazing day!

Our magazine campaign starts this week! Take a look for your favourite titles and curl up with a great read as the weather turns chilly outside!

Monday Oct 6 (day 4)            Phys. Ed today

Tuesday Oct 7 (day 5)           Phys. Ed  today

Wednesday Oct 8 (day 1)      GEOGRAPHY TEST TODAY (Demography) !

Thursday Oct 9 (day 2)          Phys. Ed. today

Friday Oct 10 (day 3)             NO READING RESPONSE THIS WEEK! 

                                               KEEP READING FOR NEXT WEEK

September 22 - 26

OUR TAB IS NOW 7/8 MC!!smiley

MONDAY SEPT 22    (day 5)              Art photo frames are due.

                                                            Phys. Ed

                                                            PLEASE RETURN IMMUNIZATION FORMS THIS WEEK!

TUESDAY SEPT 23  (day 1)               Bring in Terry Fox donations         BRING FRINK                                                                                                                   FORMS AND  $3.00  

WEDNESDAY SEPT 24 (day 2)          Phys. Ed

                                                             TERRY FOX RUN!  (bring in donations) Wear red and white!

                                                              Math Test

THURSDAY SEPT 25 (day 3)              Reading Response due!

FRIDAY SEPT 26                                 NI DAY - NO SCHOOL

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P: Susan Carleton-Maines
VP: Lisa McGeachy
S: Colleen DeMille

T: Jim Williams


 9:20 Entry Bell
 9:20-11:20 120 minute learning block
 11:20-12:00 1st Nurtition Break
 12:00-1:40 100 minute learning block
1:40-2:20 2nd Nutrition Break
2:20-3:40 80 minute learning block
3:40 Dismissal




Student transportation
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