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7/8 MC

7/8 MC is here!

Hello and welcome to your web tab!  This is the place to find out about assignments, events, and " things to think about" this year.  We hope that you find it useful!

Monday Sept 1st

Tuesday Sept 2nd.           Welcome back!

Wednesday Sept 3rd.        Page one of introducing package is due

                                          Return newsletter slips, $8 for planner or bring your own planner

                                           Phys. Ed.   Bring a change of clothes and running shoes!

Thursday Sept 4th               Choose book for literary history.

Friday Sept 5th                   Introducing package due

                                         French contract to be signed.

June 23-27

It has been a wonderful school year!  We have truly enjoyed this class of intelligent, curious, kind, funny, and sometimes extremely chatty students!  We wish you all the best in the future!

Monday.       If you haven't broth in ten dollars for graduation, please do so.  This money goes toward food, decorations and our dj.  this is also your last chance for extra ticket forms


Wednesday.    GRADUATION!!

Thursday.          year end assembly

Friday                PA Day


June 9 - 13

MONDAY 9TH                   

TUESDAY 10TH             Geography Quiz

                                         Animoto presentations

WEDNESDAY 11TH        District Track and Field

THURSDAY 12TH            Animoto presentations

                                         Geography "Migration" Unit Test

                                          Jive filming and assessment

FRIDAY 13TH                  Animoto presentations

                                          Jive final evaluation

June 16 - 20


MONDAY  16                    Phys. Ed

                                           Last day of Animoto Book Trailers (Colin, Brittney, Emily C, NOah, Hailey)

TUESDAY 17                     Catch up day for those who missed Jive presentations

WEDNESDAY 18              Phys. Ed


FRIDAY 20                     District Track and Field            

                                       Morning of art with Mrs. D!

May 26 - 30

MONDAY                          Lit. Circle response #4 is due


WEDNESDAY               GLO presentations in phys. ed.


FRIDAY                        Math unit test on angles and triangles

                                     GLO presentations in phys. ed.

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P: Suzanne Cholasta
VP: Teri Cook
S: Colleen DeMille

T: Jim Williams


 9:20 Entry Bell
 9:20-11:20 120 minute learning block
 11:20-12:00 1st Nurtition Break
 12:00-1:40 100 minute learning block
1:40-2:20 2nd Nutrition Break
2:20-3:40 80 minute learning block
3:40 Dismissal




Student transportation
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