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7/8 MC

December 2-6th


                                               FRENCH PRESENTATIONS THIS WEEK!

TUESDAY 26 (4)                  PHYS. ED

WEDNESDAY 27 (5)            PHYS. ED


FRIDAY 29 (2)                       OUTDOOR PHYS. ED

                                               STIRLING THEATRE MONEY DUE TODAY ($10.00)

HOMELINK: This week we are starting our "Water Issues" Inquiry presentations.  Students have had an opportunity to search and discover a water issue in our world that is of interest to them.  Some of the issues chosen are "flushing pharmeceuticals", "invasive species", "innovations in the harvesting of water, and "lack of sanitation around the world". They are then "teaching the class" about what they have found using the "5 W's" as well as presenting their perspective/opinion of the issue and proposing a discussion question for the class.  Below I have enclosed a short video clip about   how WATER CHANGES EVERYTHING.  While the purpose of the clip is to persuade the viewer to donate to a charity, the content about the importance of water is excellent.  I encourage you to watch it together and discuss the importance of water.


November 18th - 22nd

Welcome to our 8M tab!  This is where you will find assignments and important information for the week.  It will also often contain "something to think about", interesting images, sites, and quotes to discuss at home.  Enjoy and be sure to check back regularly. The tab will be regularly updated!

MONDAY (day 3)

TUESDAY  (day 4)             Picture retakes today!

                                           Mrs. Yearwood visits our class!

                                           Phys. Ed.

WEDNESDAY (day 5)        Phys. Ed.

                                            Interviews after school

THURSDAY  (day 1)           Invictus media answers due

                                            Science POP quiz ("run off terms and factors)

                                             Math vocab. quiz

FRIDAY  (day 2)                  Phys. Ed.

                                             Interviews after school


"Things to think about"

We are now finishing our "character" unit, but strong character lives on in 8M!  Please discuss terms such as "empathy", "stereotyping", "human rights", "apartheid" , and "privileges" with your son/daughter. As one of our many  cuminating activities, we watched the movie "Invictus". This is a wonderful film studying the importance of character, an important figure in history (Nelson Mandela), and a very difficult situation (the years following apartheid). We would encourage you to watch it as a family!


We have also finished writing a variety of poetry dealing with word choice, voice and perspective.  Ask your son/daughter about his/her "exploding the moment" poetry, and "perspective poetry" where they were asked to take on the role of a character experiencing war.  This character was to express their perspective to a "typical 13 year old living in Stirling in 2013".  Very impressive results indeed!

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